Raft Of Medusa

Video Dance Installation by Lutz Gregor and Federicapaola Capecchi
17 – 50 min HDV 16:9 single screen
Screenversion of a performance video made for Choreographic Collisions part 2, Biennale di Venezia/Danza 2008

Jul 02 2009, Les Rencontres Internationales, Berlin
Jun 06 2009, Dance Camera West Film Festival, Los Angeles
Apr 28 2009, Retro Dance Films, Perypezye Urbane, Milano
Apr 23 – 28 2009, moves09, Manchester & the UK
Apr 26 2009, imai’s new choices, Art Cologne, Cologne
Apr 16 – 25 2009, Rencontres Internationales Paris/Berlin/Madrid, Reina Sofia National Museum, Madrid
Dec 2 2008, Rencontres International Paris/Berlin/Madrid, Centre Pompidou, Paris
Nov 28 2008, POOL 08, Berlin
Oct 2008, Goethe Institut, Naples

Chirstinn Whyte in filmint. about Moves09 Festival, Manchester

Lutz Gregor’s previous work Maps of Emotion (2008), dealt with real-time narrative progress by means of a three-way screen split, featuring as part of Moves’ mainstream programming. Gallery siting for Raft of Medusa (2008) this year invited a more rewardingly contemplative approach to the work, allowing the viewing eye time to register the slightest shifts in compositional arrangement within emotionally charged, Bill Viola-like tableaux, in a high-def, slow-mo, twenty-first century reworking of thematic territory explored by nineteenth century painter Géricault.

RealTime Magazine Australia:

An additional gallery-set program featured Lutz Gregor’s Raft of Medusa (2008), a contemporary reinterpretation of the Géricault painting. Sergei Eisenstein made reference to “the eye taking a walk” within the process of graphic composition. Gregor’s use of high definition, chiaroscuro-lit, ultra-slow motion leads the viewing eye at leisure along sightlines created between subtly shifting figural groupings.

Program Biennale di Venezia:

Also the video images of Lutz Gregor, in tightened dialogue with the space and the choreographic movement, propose an approach to the spiritual and political body, with a strong commitment to the iconography of the Italian school (Duccio, Fra Angelico, Caravaggio, Signorelli), as an ulterior plan and parallel to an emotional vision.‘

Artistic direction: Ismael Ivo, director Biennale Danza
Concept: Viviana Palucci, Manola Bettio
Designer and video artist: Lutz Gregor
Choreography: Federicapaola Capecchi
Assistent choreographer: Karl Schreiner
Dramaturg: Stefano Tomassini
Composer: Paki Zenarro
Dancers: Matteo Carvone, Arianna Cavallo, Elisa Dal Corso, Valeria Galluccio, Simona Miraglia, Elisa Mucchi, Karl Schreiner
produced by Associazione Culturale Danzavenezia, La Biennale di Venezia 2008