Urban Bodies – A body for Milan

In this process we’ll explore, among others, the theme of dance linked to urban spaces, the theme of the city that generates suggestions, which we translate in movement, the city as a constantly moving scenography, of the perypherical areas as places which can give us lots of visionary inputs. The urban landscape will be our most important inspiration. Let’s give Milan a body!
A city like Milan, also thought of as a “workers city”, or, which is even worse, like the “fashion city”, could become place and scenery for artistic inspiration, a place which can create art with is own urban body. Let’s create a dance which is going to redeem Milan, outside the renowned galleries, the well-known showrooms, in properly urban sights, inside traffic jams, dipped in his peripherical areas, so rich of industrial archeology: let’s create a movement, connected to his fascinating and contradictory architectures.

Nel 2004 conduce un workshop di videodanza a Nicosia (Cipro). Il tema del workshop è stato la città divisa di Nicosia, il titolo: “Un progetto internazionale d’arte per la Green Line”.


Led by Lutz Gregor
Coreography tutor: Marta Ciappina
When: April 2006
3rd–7th april, from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m. – Workshop
8th-15th april – Shooting + Editing
18th april – 2nd may – Performance and exhibition
Total duration: 27 days
Workshop Cost: € 100!